STACK @ EDINA is your cloud maths assessment service. We bring you all the fabulous features of the world-leading assessment system for mathematics and STEM while removing the need for you to set up and maintain a learning environment. We work closely with our University of Edinburgh colleague Professor Chris Sangwin and partners at the STACK project.

We offer a number of setup options - we can upload your own assessment exercises, or we can discuss creating bespoke exercises for you.

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Benefits of STACK @ EDINA

STACK @ EDINA is a cloud maths assessment service. It is built upon Professor Chris Sangwin’s open-source STACK question set for Moodle. It gives you immediate access to STACK without any need for set up. If you are running your own VLE we can integrate with it or we can offer self-service user-registration. STACK @ EDINA is reliable and instantly scales to large groups. The benefits of STACK are:


Mathematical sophistication enables helpful feedback for students including an input mechanism that separates validity from correctness.


Use of a full computer algebra system ensures questions are randomly generated, provide line by line reasoning and use genuine mathematics models.


Large user community and available resource banks – great for you to gather new ideas for your own Maths assessment needs.


STACK is based on over a decade of research and development and is used by hundreds of organisations.


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